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Fire Doors in Fire Safety

Importance of Fire Doors

Fire doors are critical components of fire safety equipment:

  • Containment: Designed to hold back smoke and fire for up to 30 minutes, providing safety for occupants.
  • Fire Spread Prevention: Helps to confine fire to a specific area, reducing the spread until fire services arrive.

Construction and Types

Fire doors are constructed with specific features:

  • Material: Available in wood or metal construction.
  • Sealing: Edges are sealed to prevent smoke leakage.

Common Issues and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for effective fire door operation:

  • Propping Open: Fire doors should never be propped open as it renders them ineffective.
  • Automatic Closing Devices: Some doors have automatic closing mechanisms activated by fire alarms.
  • Regular Checks: Doors should be tested to ensure they close properly.

Safety Precautions

Guidelines for safe use of fire doors during emergencies:

  • Opening Safely: Check for heat by touching the door with the back of your hand before opening.
  • Handling: Use the back of your hand to avoid getting stuck if the handle is hot.
  • Window Use: If available, use a window to assess conditions on the other side before opening the door.

Report any issues with fire doors promptly to ensure they function correctly during emergencies.