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Firstly, firefighting equipment is not a replacement for getting out of the building. Companies put a lot of time into ensuring that they comply with regulations and safe practice. However, in an emergency, the best thing to do is usually to get out by following the signs and exits rather than to try fighting a fire. This is best left to the fire service.

Fire equipment includes alarms, extinguishers, fire doors, emergency lights, signs, visitor's books and trained people. We will look at these individually.

Businesses have various signs to point out important rules, exits, and alarms. The visitor's book is important, as it is a log of who is on the premises so that the fire service knows if someone is still in the building should they need to evacuate because of a fire. A company would nominate someone to be in charge of picking up the visitor's book and any staff records and meeting outside. Sometimes people do not bother keeping records, but these are very important in the event of a fire.