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Fire Risks of Aerosols and Safety Measures

Understanding Aerosol Fire Risks

Aerosols pose significant fire hazards due to their flammable nature:

  • Composition: Aerosols contain propellants like butane or propane, making them highly flammable.
  • Pressure Hazard: Stored under high pressure, aerosols can explode if ignited, creating large fireballs.
  • Firefighter Safety: Presence of aerosols can prevent firefighters from safely entering buildings due to explosion risks.

Handling and Storage Protocols

To minimise fire risks associated with aerosols, follow these safety protocols:

  • Staff Training: Ensure all personnel handling or working near aerosols receive proper training on storage and handling.
  • Immediate Action: Remove damaged or leaking aerosol cans promptly to a secure, well-ventilated area for proper disposal.
  • Transport Restrictions: Avoid using powered vehicles for moving damaged aerosols to reduce explosion risks, unless adapted for flammable environments.
  • Waste Disposal: Arrange disposal at licensed facilities to handle aerosols safely.

General Safety Guidelines

Regardless of your business, adhere to these precautions when dealing with aerosols:

  • Caution: Exercise utmost care and caution when aerosols are present to mitigate fire risks effectively.

By following these safety measures, businesses can reduce the potential fire hazards associated with aerosols and ensure a safer working environment.