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Smoke Safety in Fire Situations

Understanding the Dangers of Smoke

Overview: Smoke poses significant dangers during a fire incident.

Deadliness of Smoke

Smoke inhalation can be more deadly than the fire itself due to its rapid spread and oxygen deprivation.

Characteristics of Smoke

Rising Smoke: Smoke rises due to convection currents, leading to higher temperatures above.

Stay Low: To evacuate safely from a smoke-filled area, stay as low as possible to access oxygen.

Hazards of Smoke

Temperature: Smoke can be hot, causing lung injuries and burns.

Visibility: Even small amounts of smoke can impair visibility, leading to disorientation.

Building Precautions

Buildings implement measures to manage smoke and prevent its spread.

Smoke Management

Smoke Divergence: Buildings may have smoke vents or screens to redirect smoke away from populated areas.

Fire Door Functionality: Fire doors not only contain fires but also hinder smoke movement.

Golden Safety Rule

Stay Low: Always remember to stay low in the presence of smoke to improve your chances of safe evacuation.